Cure Insomnia& How It Works?

People with insomnia often believe that they are “Insomniacs”; i.e. genetically predisposed to insomnia. Nothing can be further from the truth. Every living organism has a dormant period so sleep is natural, therefore insomnia is unnatural.

In general, insomnia is caused by an underlying anxiety which can be about relationships, financial worries, self-esteem issues and many other anxieties. Each client is different.

However, by using hypnotherapy for Insomnia we can work out what is going on and resolve the issues at a subconscious level, leading you back to a natural sleep pattern.

What You Will Get From Us

Hypnotherapy, helps in complete relaxation, guiding them into a deep state of trance and with post hypnotics suggestion help them give suggestions to enjoy deep state of sleep. Most of the clients are taught self-hypnosis.